Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Brother Explains House Fishing

Thanks for initiating Fatherhood Friday! Thanks as well to both new and returning visitors to my blog!

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Albeit a little later than originally promised, this week marks the launch of a new series of posts called “Big Brother Explains”, where my precocious 4 year-old will teach us boring adults a little lesson in “how-to”.

This week, Big Brother has opted for a step-by-step photo description of “House Fishing.”

While Big Brother has enjoyed a few fishing trips with Grampap-E and I, sometimes he just wants to fish when 1) the weather’s bad, 2) there’s not enough daylight after work, 3) Dad-E and Mom-E are exhausted, or 4) any of a number of other reasons why he can’t.

And so, being a creative little dude, he came up with a way to fish anytime he wants.

“House Fishing” is exactly what it sounds like: it’s fishing without even leaving the comforts of your own home. You can fish in any room of the house you like (except the dining room/atop the china hutch or in Little Brother’s crib), or even take it on the road with you. It’s completely portable.

Here’s what you do:

1. Find a Melissa & Doug wooden “learn to tie shoes.”

2. Remove the shoelace,

and put the shoe aside,

being careful not to choke yourself or Little Brother with the lace.

(Note, no Harry Potter figurines were harmed in this photoshoot.)

3. Get a ruler (preferably one with a hole in it).

4. Tie the shoelace to the ruler to make your “pole/line”.

5. Tie 3 pencils to the non-ruler end of the shoelace, to serve as a “hook/bait.”

6. Find an EMPTY jewelry box for a “fish.”

7. Find a room in the house to fish (we prefer the kitchen while making dinner).

8. Cast your “line”—being careful not to hit Little Brother, parents, or anything else fragile/breakable—and dangle it over the “fish”.

9. Help the “jaw” of the “fish” take the “bait.”

10. Reel ‘em in!

11. Admire the “fish”, and then release back into the “water."

12. Disassemble fishing pole to complete conversion of the ruler into a “sword.”

(En garde, Mr. Potter!)

13. Chase Little Brother and Dog-E around the house with said “sword”, taking proper precaution not to break anything, of course.

(Who's your Dumbledore?! Say it, Potter!! Who's your Dumbledore?!?)


Thank you for explaining that to us today, Big Brother! You’re quite the fun teacher.

What are you going to explain next time?

Happy Fatherhood Friday,

P.S. Devoted fans of my blog may remember the saga of the "car bag". Sadly (or happily if you're Busy-Mom-E), Little Brother had fun throwing it away, unbeknowst to Big Brother, who amazingly forgot about it. However, before he could remember that it was gone...

Gramm-E to the rescue!! Both boys are now sporting the BMW of "car bags", thanks to her handiwork.

Dare I say, they're CARBAGALICIOUS?! I think yes. Perhaps she needs to change her screen name to Awesome-Gramm-E?

P.P.S. Because I enjoy exhausting myself, the family and I are headed out today for another (long) flight. So, while you're reading this post, please send us your prayers and good vibes for a smoother journey.

P.P.P.S. Check out Big Brother's self-portrait at the top right corner of the blog. Way to go, young artist! Please feel free to download it as a radio button for my blog. Thanks, Busy-Mom-E, for being my part-time web page designer!


  1. House Fishing...hmm...I'll be sure to use this when Andrew get's a bit older...

  2. Very creative. Who needs any toys when you have an imagination. Just be careful that the jewelry box doesn't bite you.

  3. LMAO! "Who's your Dumbledore?!"

    I have to say, that is pretty creative of Big Brother. I would have never thought of using a jewelry box.

  4. All the precaution to make sure nothing gets broken? Excellent.

    That game sounds like something I was playing yesterday at work when our barbie fell behind the cube wall and we fished her out with a headphone cord and tape.

    (don't ask)

  5. But what I want to know is step by step directions on making the coolest paper airplane!

  6. I love the creativity and self amusement! Any kid the can entertain himself is okay in my book. Nice artwork to boot.

  7. it's good that he can find ways to entertain himself :) those car bags are totally carbagalicious. mom-e has mad web design skills, too. love the badge...i'll add it to my blog soon & feel free to grab mine from the ramblings and whatnot blog. :)

  8. That gosh darn Potter! LOL! Fishing can be done anywhere at anytime--be ready.

  9. Very creative idea big brother!

  10. I love this. Way to go Big Brother! May you always have that wonderful imagination. It should take you very far. So glad my little grandson-E's like their car bags. I will be making one for little Cousin as well. He is not old enough for one yet, but we will put it aside for him until he has a need for it. Love, Gramm-E