Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to Busy-Dad-E

As with many other things in my life (including putting milk on my cereal), I'm about to embrace something that I initially rejected.  Some months ago, my wife started a blog to share family news and pictures, and I thought "that's kinda silly."  However, it didn't take long for me to get hooked on reading her entries, and I saw how much fun she had putting them together.  In turn, she became a follower of several "motherhood" blogs.  I did some searching on "fatherhood" blogs, and was somewhat disappointed with the (relative lack of) results.  So, here I am to throw out, uncensored, my tales and observations about fatherhood.  I hope that they resonate with you (please tell me); it would be a relief to know that similar "joyous chaos" happens to other families.

As you can tell from my mottos, I'm an idealist (#1), but am kept grounded by reality (#2).  I'm a thirty-something professional, married to a wonderfully amazing woman and mother, with two boys under age 5.  My children are a gift from God, and with that gift comes great responsibility.  Being a dad is WAY harder than was all of my years of professional training, but it also more rewarding.  Although my career is very important to me, my family comes first, hands-down.  At times that's easier said than done, but life is a constant work-in-progress.  When it comes to my attitude about fatherhood, I love the line from the opening scene of the movie Parenthood, in which Steve Martin's character is talking to himself as a boy while at a baseball game.  The boy says (paraphrasing) "I wanted to see fatherhood not as a prison, but as a playground."  I just wish he would've also said "don't forget to bring your Valium dart-gun to the playground for when things really get out of control."  Note to self: work on patenting Valium dart-gun.  

So, look, read, comment, and enjoy.  Here's to fatherhood.  Cheers!

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