Thursday, January 8, 2009

Move Over Mr Webster

There's a new dictionary in town:
Busy-Dad-E's Guide to Toddler-Speak.

Beyond the classic bisketti = spaghetti, anyone with kids has heard children 1. call things by some pretty funny names as their vocabulary expands, 2. tried to repeat something dad-e or mom-e said, and didn't get it quite right. As little brother is talking more everyday, we were reminiscing a little last night about some of the funny words big brother has created (and still occasionally uses). In fact, my wife and I liked some of them so much, that we continue to use them, too.

So, I propose that we start a "dictionary" of sorts for these funny words/phrases. I'll kick things off with a few of my favorites. Please, please, reply share some of yours, too. I'd love to hear them, and I hope it gives everyone something to laugh about while we wait for the weekend to arrive.

Word (Translation)
Bita barn (Granola bar)
Blubberdub (Blood work done)
Chia (Cereal)
Chicken (Kitchen)
Chocka-juice (Chocolate milk)
Hos-i-pital (Hospital)
Pepper and patties (Peppermint patties)
Polar Press (Polar Express)
Truck-in (Construction)

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  1. I like this idea. A friend of our family used to call ice cubes "habba caddus" and water was "wadoo." Isn't it funny what kids will come up with?

  2. What about "really diculous" (ridiculous)

  3. Also remember--"boo-buh" meaning--school bus
    My brother used to call the refrigerator a "fritter-frater"
    Aunt Elizabeth was "Aunt E-wib-a-dus"

  4. There was also "bed night smack" for bed time snack.

  5. Oh yeah...didn't Big Brother say "ders a guck!" (there's a truck) every time he saw a vehicle of any kind.