Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So Mom-E and I have been a little worried about Bab-E Brother's verbal output.

He loves to make the "raspberries" and a clicking sound, and he says "mmm...mmm..." when he wants milk, but other than that, really doesn't babble. He just smiles a lot and looks real cute.

The pediatrician mentioned when Little Brother was born that sometimes the second child has some (relative) speech delay, because the older sibling tends to "talk for them."

(Boy did he ever get that one wrong.)

But we wondered if the same thing was true for Bab-E Brother. (Let's face it, between Big Brother and Little Brother, it can sometimes be hard to get a word in edgewise.)

The pediatrician was reassuring, especially given other aspects of Bab-E Brother's development.

Just like the best way to make car trouble to go away is to take it to the dealership, sometimes the best way to help your parental anxiety is to ask the pediatrician.

Because we no sooner did that, then one day last week--out of the blue--Bab-E Brother started babbling.

Actually, oral diarrhea is the more appropriate term. We now hear ba-ba-ba-ba-pluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--ba-ba-pluhhhhhhhhhhhh all day long.

It's the most amazingly sweet train of nonsense that I've ever heard. I'd share a little snippet with you, but videotaping him is the only way to zip his lip.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. yeah, mykids are the same way. Camera comes out and suddenly they're staring at you like deer in headlights. THe first half of their childhood videos is me or my wife saying, come on, do it again, aw you were just doing something hilarious. I'm glad he's becoming more verbal. Right now I have to remind myself sometimes that i am thankful for how much my 3yo talks!

  2. Cara is the same way....I was worried too, but the pediatrician told us the same thing...LOL! I thought by now she be talking a whole lot, but she is finally beginning to find her own voice. Glad that Baby-E Brother is beginning to babble those sweet sounds. Rosi

  3. YAY! I figured it would happen in a matter of time. He has been social in non-verbal ways for a while. YAY Bab-E! LOve, aunt-e

  4. I wasn't worried..he was right on target with everything else, and as Aunt-E said..he has been social for quite a while. I think Bab-E was just very busy watching Big and Little Brothers and soaking it all in. I can't wait to hear him talk. Mom-E has called me several times to let Bab-E talk to me on the phone, but he takes after Grampap-E apparently...doesn't like to talk on the phone..haha.