Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boy Toys

So Mom-E and I had a very "romantic" Valentine's evening at Big and Little Brothers' gymnastics classes.

(Actually, I did bring Mom-E roses at the gym, which were not only pretty, but also fragrant enough to help mask some of the smell of the boys' socks.)

(And actually, the boys have such a great time, that it can't help but melt your heart a bit.)

But perhaps the most amusing moment of the evening belonged to Bab-E Brother.

The experts say that gender identity forms at about age 2-3.

Apparently Bab-E Brother is a little precocious, or just missed the memo.

In the area where families can watch their budding gymnasts, there is a small box filled with various toys for both boys and girls.

Bab-E Brother has a penchant for a particular car, which he enjoys zooming back and forth while he collects bacteria on his clothes from crawling around the floor.

With a grunt and a point, he informed us that he wanted to be put down so he could go play with the toys.

And he made a bee-line for his favorite car.

Unfortunately, there was a rainbow-haired My Little Pony parked in the drivers seat.

Bab-E Brother crawled up to the car, going from 0 to 60 (inches per second), and without hesitation, picked up an flung the My Little Pony across the floor by it's mane.

"What do you think you're doing, you GIRL toy! I'm a BOY and I've got a car to zoom zoom. Go pick on the Littlest Pet Shop!"

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his instinctual response.

You might argue that he just wanted the car and would've flung anything out of it.

But I deg to biffer.

If a Transformer was driving the car, my guess is that it would've stayed in as "all-time driver". Bab-E Brother seemed to just "know" the My Little Pony wasn't for him. (The same way children can distinguish between dessert and anything green.)

And so, to conduct a (My) little (Pony) experiment, a while later, I put the My Little Pony back in the car, and directed Bab-E Brother's attention in that direction.

Same result: bee-line to the car, and the My Little Pony got tossed by the hair.

That's my boy!

Next week we'll have to see what happens when Barbie drives.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. "I've got a car to zoom zoom" -- That's right! Maybe if you spent more time driving and less time combing your damn mane, we could have been there already!

  2. This is cute. Next week you should take a Transformer or Spider Man figure and put it in the driver seat and see what he does. I am sure you are right...My Little Ponies are definitely for girls and he knows the difference.
    PS: That was funny BloggerFather..