Thursday, February 24, 2011


Big Brother's kindergarten class spent quite a bit of time talking about President's Day.

And all of the discussion and activities really piqued his interest in Abraham Lincoln.

It seems like everything he's been talking about lately has revolved around Lincoln: pennies, $5 bills, log cabins, his beard, his hat, his height, slavery, his execution. And he's been watching some YouTube clips about Lincoln, to boot.

And the questions...oh, the questions (particularly the part about Lincoln being shot):

"Why was Lincoln so tall? Was he taller than my friend's dad?"

"Why was his hat black?"

"What color was his beard?"

"Why did he live in a log cabin?"

"Why did they shoot Lincoln? Did he bleed?"

"Did the guy who shot Lincoln go to heaven?"

"Why is Lincoln on the penny?"

"What are pennies made of?" (just to mix it up)

"Mom-E and Dad-E, do you want to be President?"

"Why do you have to be 35 to be President?"

Fortunately, there have been a few funny (albeit morbid) questions mixed in:

"What happens if you get shot in your leg pit (back of your knee)?"

"Why do tornadoes suck up babies?" (NO IDEA how we jumped from Lincoln being shot to a tornado baby vacuum)

And, of course, the mere mention of a tornado incites genuine concern from Little Brother:
"Is there a tornado in the sky right now (asked during dinner on a bright, sunny day)? Is it coming to our house?"

Ah, what a fun and interesting age, even if I do go to bed with the soundtrack of "Why? Why? Why?" looped on repeat in my head.

Have a good weekend,

"Why do you want everyone to have a good weekend?

"Did Lincoln have a good weekend?"


  1. You gotta love the inquisitive nature. At least there is never a lack for conversation :)

  2. I am laughing out loud again. This is funny. Certainly Big Brother will be a great source of information about Abraham Lincoln after all his questions are answered. Little Brother is just too cute with his concerns about tornadoes and such.