Sunday, March 13, 2011

Butt Callouses

It's official: Bab-E Brother is ambulatory!

He took his first stops a few weeks ago, but is now really starting to "put one foot in front of another". Literally.

It seems like every day his balance and the distance he can walk grows exponentially.

(Good thing that gate at the top of the steps is already in place.)

And just like a 16 year-old, he's very proud of his new wheels mobility. Fortunately, he didn't have to parallel park to get a "walkers license".

One of his new favorite pastimes is to push a Winne-The-Pooh ride-on toy while Little Brother drives.

It also seems like Bab-E Brother's personality is emerging in parallel to his new-found mobility. And two words come to mind: sweet and stinker.

He is SOOO tickled with himself when he walks. If his smile were any wider, he might tear his face off. I think that half the time he falls down it's because he's too busy admiring himself to pay attention to where he's walking.

But he's also figured out that walking enables him to get into more stuff, and he giggles the entire time he makes mischief. (It took us 15 minutes to put away all of the tupperware he dragged out of the cupboards tonight.)

And, of course, there's a reason why we call them "toddlers"--they toddle. A lot.

And Bab-E Brother is very adept at toddling. And plopping down on his butt. Thanks to his gluteus maximus and poofy diapers, we've been able to keep him off of "injured reserve".

But even with all that padding, no doubt Bab-E Brother is toughening up his butt callouses. And at least he's smiling and giggling as he goes.

Have a good week,

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  1. Can't wait to see this. Last time he was taking 2-3 steps at a time. Such pure sweet innocense...toddling and giggling. Makes me smile to picture him.