Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Portrait

So Big Brother definitely enjoys exercising his creative muscle.

The boy LOVES to draw. In particular, he loves to draw Batman. Over and over and over and over. He loves to watch YouTube videos of other people drawing Batman. Over and over and over and over. And then he proceeds to get extremely frustrated with himself that at the age of 6 he can't draw as well as professional cartoonists. Go figure.

In a momentary lapse from drawing Batman, Big Brother managed to draw a portrait of Mom-E and I.

I thoroughly enjoyed them, and I hope you do as well.

Now and forever, you'll think of me as the pasty bald guy who can pick his car-shaped nose with his left eyelashes (but not his right). I'm just glad I'm smiling, which makes me look (infinitessimally) less scary. And you'll always think of Mom-E as the sun-burned lady from the red planet who has one neck vertebrae made of jell-o. We're a match made in cartoon heaven.

Before you think I'm picking on Big Brother, let me just state my biased opinion that I think he's a very talented artist. The human face is arguably the most difficult thing to draw. Period.

And as you can see below, his Batman drawing skills have come a long way in the past 9 months.

Keep drawing, dude. You're awesome.

And while you're drawing, I think I'll go try to find my Baman mask.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Wow...his drawing has come a long way. Thanks for the laugh.....and don't worry we have our own share of drawings from our five year old. Rosi

  2. Definitely keep drawing Big Brother..great job!!
    Love the portraits of you and Mom-E :)

  3. Wow! He actually has quite an eye for detail at such a young age! Tell him that I need a new picture from him! I'd love a new Batman portrait :) It'll be the first thing that I put on my new refrigerator when I move!!!


    CY Aunt-E