Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homemade Speed Racer

Big Brother is obsessed with Speed Racer, in part thanks to:
1) Cheerios, who inspired him with a prize of Speed Racer cars and a mail-in offer for a bowl a while back.

2) Netflix, who carries the complete episodes of Speed Racer: Next Generation (aka Big Brother's morning crack coffee).

Since he inherited two copies of the "crafty" gene from Mom-E, Big Brother has grown a bit weary of drawing and making cutouts of the Mach 5, Mach 6, Mach 60, Racer X, Virtual Track, and crafting the Mach 6 and Racer X cars out of Legos and Trio blocks, and opted for a more complicated project.

Give a 6 year old an empty box, construction paper, and crayons, and voila: you have your own personal Mach 5 and Speed Racer helmet.

(And thanks to Mom-E for installing a seat-belt, because even with Fred Flintstone-style foot power, Big Brother can zoom around pretty fast.)

Big Brother, in a word, you're awesome. You have a vivid imagination, are very crafty, and have a real skill for building stuff.

You can be whatever you want when you grow up, but methinks you might make a fine engineer.

Have a good weekend,


  1. Hahaha!! That is awesome!! Clever child!

  2. Awesome!!! love, aunt-e

  3. Very very clever, Big Brother. I agree that you could very well end up being a structural or some other type of engineer...or an architect.
    Confused by the pic above. I recognize the car bowl, but not the background...guess this is an ad pic.