Friday, December 9, 2011

Use Your Senses

Hi There!

Big Brother has certainly been using his senses lately.

No doubt his taste has been affected with the departure of his front tooth's next door neighbor.

"All I want for Christmas is..." well, you know.

And apparently he has been doing a lot of looking. His weekly homework includes writing 5 sentences with his spelling words. This week there were a number of number words. He wrote the sentences below completely on his own.

I'll admit that they made Mom-E and I chuckle, because, well, he was a bit "repetitively redundant." You know, where you "repeat yourself and say the same thing over again." Kind of like the "annual holiday party that's held every year." You get the idea and concept.

We were also chuckling because at the time he showed us we were trying to eat in a rush before going to church, Bab-E Brother had abdicated "Little Brother's" seat at the table, and Little Brother was throwing a hissy about said seat (while simultaneously screaming that he had to go potty). Oh yeah, and I think the dog wanted to go out, too.

So I wrote some sentences, too.
1. I see one boy screaming at the table.
2. I see two boys screaming at the table.
3. I see three boys screaming at the table.
4. I see three boys screaming and running away from the table without eating.
5. I see Mom-E screaming at the dinner table (but quietly, inside her head only).

Might as well laugh. Sometimes that's your only defense. Still, I love those little turd balls boys.

Have a good weekend,


  1. LOL! Such a little stinker he is! :)

  2. HAHA Good for mom-e keeping it in her head! Sometimes I scream out loud! Good post!
    love, aunt-e

  3. Sir, can you tell us about the annual gala? Yes ma'am, The annual gala is a gala that happens annually every year. (stated with a straight face)
    I'll never forget that one. I just stood in front of the tv and laughed, and chuckled, and cackled, and chortled, and giggled...and snickered too.