Friday, March 16, 2012

Communication is Key

Mom-E and I have always tried to foster open lines of communication with the boys.

And they definitely talk to us (even if sometimes we wish they'd hold their tongues).

*Deep breaths. Count to 10. More deep breaths. Visualize relaxing peacefully at the beach with a margarita. In each hand. Visualize.*

Of course, we want to continue to encourage them to talk to us.

But sometimes we need less "yackin" and more "doin".

Because if left to their own devices, sometimes it takes 10 minutes just to pick out a pair of socks (and another 5 to start putting them on, only to decide that they hurt and a new pair of socks are needed. But not any of the socks that are in a drawer. No, the ones that require you to comb through an entire load of laundry in the dryer. You know, where sock #1 practically throws itself at you when you open the door, but sock #2 is the ABSOLUTE LAST thing you pull out of the dryer. All the while, your child is screaming the incantation, "Where are my socks! Did you get my socks yet?")


But I digress.

*Visualize. Deep breaths. Visualize.*

And so, here's why it takes 10 minutes to pick out socks.



"Er, dad-e. Dad-E. DAD-E!"

"Yes, buddy."

"Dad-E. I was. Uh. Dad-E. I. I. I was."

"You were what?"

"Dad-E. Uh. Dad-E."


"Dad-E. I was. I was. I was wondering."

"Wondering what?"

"Dad-E. HEY, STOP SAYING MY NAME! (to brothers)"

"Hey there. Whatcha need, buddy?"

"Dad-E. Dad-E. I. I was. I. I was."


"I was wondering. Dad-E. I. Dad-E. I was."



"Boys, knock it off. Leave your brother alone."

"Whatcha asking, man?"

"Dad-E. I. I was. I was wondering. I was wondering. STOP IT!"

"Just say it, pal."

"I was wondering if you could get me some socks."

"You mean from the drawer that you're standing in front of right now."

"Yeah. My arms are tired."

"So are my ears."

"I think the ones I want are in the dryer."


And now you know.

Have a good weekend,
Have a margarita, or two,


  1. Small children - small problems... big children...

  2. haha... nice busy-dad-e. And I will have a margarita, now that you said it. And thanks for sharing this on Life of DAd...

  3. Oh man that was funny love, aunt-e