Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bean Counter

So recently Big Brother has been obsessed with "accounting."

Probably two things have inspired his renewed interest in money: not long ago he got to pick out a toy with his Christmas money, and he's been doing a big unit on money at school.

He also found a stack of old play money that has been the focal point of his obsession.

The other night, I went to check on him, hearing a noise from his room at about 10pm. There he was, sitting up in bed, sorting stacks and stacks of play bills.

"Look, Dad-E, each of these stacks has 10,000 cents." (He's also obsessed with converting dollars to cents. "How many cents are in $5, $,10, $20, $50?")

"Look, Big Brother, it's 10PM. If you don't go to bed, you're going to be really, really pleasant tired when we wake you up for school in the morning."

(Note to self, it's probably a bad idea for Big Brother to eat cake and drink 4 ounces of Coke at Cub Scouts at 7:45pm.)

But even when he's well rested, Big Brother is still playing with his play money.

The other morning, I called Mom-E, and I heard her say, "Big Brother, the bus is going to be here in 5 minutes. Take off your Iran Man costume, put your socks and shoes on, finish your breakfast, and STOP PLAYING WITH THE MONEY!"

The other cute thing he's been doing is "paying" Mom-E and I for various stuff with his play money.

"Dad-E, how much for my chocky juice, cereal, and waffle?"

"Oh, about $6." (More counting and stacking.)

(In case you were wondering, lunch came to $8 and dinner $10.)

Mom-E apparently uses a different accounting system, because Big Brother paid her $200 for his after school snack!

Maybe we'll get lucky and when he gets his first job, he'll still want to pay us for stuff!

Have a good weekend,

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  1. Send Big Brother to my house. I'll make a cake for him and charge him $352.97. Seriously though, what a great way for him to practice counting money.