Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Boy Bed

We did it!  Well, really he did it.

But we have successfully transitioned Bab-E Brother from crib to toddler bed.

(You may notice that the crib is still in his room.  That's because it's too wide to fit through the door without disassembly, and we haven't had time or the energy/motivation to do so.)

We're SO thankful that this transition was easier for Bab-E Brother than it was for either of his older brothers.  Since we started, he's slept in the bed at night and during his nap consistently.

It helped that:
1. He really likes Cars and was enthusiastic about the new sheets/pillows.
2. We moved the toddler bed into his existing room.  (With his brothers, they changed rooms when they changed beds, which made things more difficult.)


3. Bab-E Brother is REALLY motivated by hand stamps.  Mom-E got a red stamp pad and a "You Did It!" stamp.  Bab-E Brother explains it best, "When I wake up, you stamp my hand?"  Yes!

He refers to the space under the bed as the "shed", and when it's bedtime, all of the trains and toys must go in the shed.

It's funny that the first few times he asked, upon awakening, "I get out of my bed now?" as if the toddler bed had crib-like rails preventing his escape.

And almost without exception, when he goes to bed, he stays in the bed.  In fact, he actually now often wants us to close the door to his room completely.

(The funny exception was that the one time he did "elope" from the bed at night, we found him on the couch in the play room, and Criminal Minds was playing on the TV.  Oops.  Sorry, Bab-E Brother, but Hotch & his team need you to go back to bed.)

Way to go, Bab-E Brother!  So proud!

Now on to the next monumental task: potty training.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. So impressive! I can only hope that one of my children will transition this smoothly. It definitely didn't go that well with little cousin! love, aunt-e