Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pursuit of Perfection

One of our boys is a perfectionist.  Imagine that.

Okay, so maybe all 3 boys have some perfectionistic

But Mom-E and I would probably agree that
Little Brother is the least expected to be a

(And that's not a criticism, he's just overall a little
more laid back.)

Apparently when we were wrong, at least when it
comes to drawing.

Very recently, he's hit a cognitive explosion where
he's suddenly been really interested in making letters
and drawing.

Only problem is that if he makes the slightest
mistake (or what he PERCEIVES to be a mistake),
he wads the paper up and puts it in "File 13",
complete with screams of frustration and Q-bert
like @#$%^&*!

As a result, he goes through REAMS and REAMS
of paper.  In about 5 seconds.

The other night he was throwing away working on
a series of trucks the other night.

Unfortunately, he got closer and closer with each
picture, before it ultimately bit the dust.

But I salvaged them.


See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Those are GREAT trucks, Little Brother. Please don't file 13 your beautiful work!

  2. How does he not know those are precious?!