Monday, April 13, 2009

We Just Got a Letter

I hope that everyone is okay after the post-Easter_candy_sugar_rush crash.

We had an enjoyable weekend with friends and family. We went to church on Saturday night, because a friend of mine was being confirmed. Mom-E and I were a little anxious about bringing the boys, not only because of our typical experience at church, but because the service didn't start until 8pm (and you had to be there by 7:30 to get seats, and it lasted about 2 hours.)

Amazingly, the boys did pretty well overall. Well, at least for about the first 100 minutes or so. Big Brother only had to go potty once, and it was only toward the tail-end of the service that they had to be escorted to the vestibule.

Then fatigue and delirium took over.

By the end of the service, both boys were running around, giggling uncontrollably. Little Brother was barefoot, having long since shed his socks and shoes, spinning in circles until he fell over. Big Brother, though still in shoes, was busy skiddoo-ing here, there, and everywhere, and chasing Little Brother around.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Blue's Clues, skiddoo-ing is when you jump into a book and become a character within its pages.)

The boys were so jacked-up after church that even a 15 mile drive on the interstate couldn't put them to sleep.

On Sunday, we had a nice Easter egg hunt, lunch, and movie (or nap if you were an adult) at Gramm-E and Pap-Pap's.

One of the most wonderful things about kids is that you never know quite exactly what will excite them, and their ability to drive immense pleasure from the "simple things."

We've talked before about how kids often like the box a toy came in, more so than the toy itself. We'll, Big Brother took this even one step further this weekend.

Despite a myriad of candy, books, crayons/paint, and videos in his Easter Basket, his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE gift was:

The CARD from Gramm-E and Pap-Pap.

That's right, I said his card. Probably the first time in the history of the world that a 4 year-old was more interested in the card than the present.

Again, we return to Blue's Clues for an explanation.

In one segment in every episode of Blue's Clues, they sing the "We Just Got a Letter" song when they open the mail. Click here to listen to the song.

And so, Big Brother proceeded to reenact this scene with his card from Gramm-E, pretending it was a letter, complete with mimicking the hand motions.

He did it all day and all night long.


He kept singing the "We Just Got a Letter" song:
-While at Gramm-E and Pap-Pap's
-In the car on the way home
-At the dinner table
-After going potty (even while his pants were still down)
-While lying in bed falling asleep last night
-While lying in bed upon waking up this morning

Below is a brief video clip of him singing part of the song. Thanks Mom-E for staying up too late and putting this together. Be sure to turn up the volume a little (and pause the music player on my blog). And yes, he says "I love skiddoo-ing" at the end.

I hope by exposing you to it that it will help get it out of my head. (Please get it out.)

Also, if you need to diagnose yourself or your child with a Blue's Clues-related disorder, check out

Thank you, Gramm-E, for creating a very sweet little Blue's Clues monster. I know you had no idea that your card would make such a splash. Mom-E also had no idea what she had started she when Big Brother watched his first episode of Blue's Clues. :)

See you on Wednesday,


  1. Well, we just taped the card together. It seems it couldn't stand up to all of the constant opening, closing, and skadooing! LOL!

  2. Kids are a wonder. I wish such simple things could bring me that kind of happiness.

  3. @ Otter Thomas: I know, the little ones are often great examples to us big kids. I could write a book on "The Wisdom of Our Children."

  4. I thought it was so cute when he took the card out of the envelope and then commented that he wanted to keep "this part" (the envelope). We soon realized he could reenact that special scene! ;) Aunt-E

  5. You are right Dad-E...I never expected the card and envelope to be such a hit. He has definitely made good use of his Easter card. It was worth every cent!

  6. LOL! That was precious! I hate to share this secret, but I love Blue's Clues (the older versions with Steve). I started to watch them when my little brother was young. We have a fifteen year gap between us so that would explain the long history with blues's clues. I enjoy watching it with Kaitlyn now. Great singing Big Brother. Rosi

  7. @ Rosi: It'd be a fib if I said I didn't like the show, too (at least the episodes with Steve--sorry Joe). It makes my heart smile to see Big Brother act out the show and search for clues in the house.

  8. Our thing here is Dora the Explorer, so everything is Swipper No Swiping! Gotta love them cartoons!

    I tagged you for a meme over at my website, check it out. :)