Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big Brother Explains Part 2

This week marks the second installment in our “Big Brother Explains” series, where my precocious 4 year-old gives a step-by-step “how-to” through his own eyes.

Last time, he taught us the art of “House Fishing.” This week, he’s going to teach us how to make a sweet paper airplane.

“Actually, Dad-E, it’s a glider.”

(He’s right, of course.)

“My Pa-Pa taught my Dad-E how to make one, and then you taught me.”

Alright Big Brother, you’ve got everyone’s attention, should we get started?

“Yep. I love it! It’s great!” (He said this before we even started making one for the first time.

“First, write you’re name on the paper, so you know it’s yours and not your Little Brother’s.”

“Fold the top corner over like this.”

“Unfold it, and do the same thing with the other top corner.”

(This folds an “X” into the top of the paper.)

“Fold the two sides of the paper inward…

then squish it down into the shape of a house.”

“Fold the two corners of the triangle up to the top.”

“Fold the top down about a half-inch.”

(If you’ve done it right, you’ll have two little “pockets” in the part you just folded down.)

“Tuck the two loose tabs into the ‘pockets’.”

“Fold the glider in half down the middle.”

“Fold one of the wings down.”

‘Fold the other wing down.”

“Last, fold the ends of the wings up about a quarter-inch on each side.”
“Ta-da. You’re done. Time to go outside.”

But wait Big Brother, what about Harry Potter?

You may remember that Harry Potter was injured in a duel as we were explaining "House Fishing." Sadly, he lost a limb in the duel, and as Madame Pomfrey has been on an extended vacation, he is still sans leg. Since he can't fly a broom very well, Big Brother has decided to let him ride on top of the glider.

Big Brother and I strongly suggest going outside to play with this one. If it’s a little windy and you throw it just right, it’ll “sail” pretty far. You want to throw it firmly but not too hard (in between throwing a dart and a full throw.) Just make sure you don’t aim for the roof.

It’s amazing how with just a couple of these airplanes gliders, you can entertain yourself for hours. We had a great time throwing them in the yard. We even talked a little bit about how airplanes fly. Again, it was another example of “it doesn’t matter so much what you do, but the fact that you’re spending time together.” Your kids don’t care about how much money something costs, they just want your undivided attention, which is priceless.

Have a good week,


  1. Thanks for the know-how Big Brother. I have not done one of these in a very long time. I should do one with the girls today. The last two days we have been attempting to fly a kite in the yard. Of course explaining why a kite can't fly without strong winds to a three year old is a difficult task. Any sign of a breeze was sure to be enough. LOL! Thanks for sharing. Rosi