Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! A special welcome to new and returning guests from No matter what kind of week it’s been, come Friday, you’ll have lots of entertaining reading to peruse thanks to this event.

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Dear Big Brother and Little Brother,

Over this past weekend, your great-grandparents celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. (That’s right, their seventy-third, 7-3.) Someday, I hope you’ll both come to appreciate that this is a tremendous accomplishment.

Your Great Grandpa is 96 and your Great Grandma is 94. They’re still both “sharp as a tack”, and although they live in an assisted living facility, they remain pretty independent. Your Great Grandpa still drives to the grocery store and the pharmacy. Four years ago, he was still playing golf. Nowadays, he likes to come over and help Pa-Pa with yard work.

In a society where divorce is common and the word commitment doesn’t hold the same significance that it once did, your great grandparents are an inspiration to Mom-E and I, and married folks everywhere.

Even though we live somewhat far away from them now, we still visit when we can. I can’t predict what kind of memories of them you’ll have in the future. Big Brother is old enough that he probably will have some. No matter what, I’m very happy that we have pictures and video of you playing with them. I’m particularly fond of pictures of four generations of “men” in our family: Great Grandpa, Pa-Pa, Dad-E, and you guys.

Big Brother, you’re favorite thing about visiting them was playing with Great Grandpa’s red model VW Bug. Great Grandma always wanted to have (a real) one, and so as a joke Great Grandpa bought her a model car. Big Brother, Great Grandpa bought a gray toy VW Bug for you when you were little.

Boys, of the many things they taught me over the years, I hope you will remember a few of them.

First, marriage is forever. You’re spouse is your love and your best friend. I suggest that you find someone you really enjoy talking to and someone who makes you laugh. When you get to the age of your great grandparents and you can’t see or get around very well, you’ll be especially glad you did. (You probably won’t hear well either, but hearing aids can help that one.)

Second, be a gentleman. Especially as she had more trouble getting around, Great Grandpa would ALWAYS carry around Great Grandma’s purse for her. He carried it more than she did. (It was his “man bag.”) He ALWAYS opened doors for her, and they ALWAYS held hands when they walked.

Third, pray together. Plain and simple. Prayer is powerful.

Lastly, I want to borrow something from Great Grandpa’s golf game. I remember going golfing with him once or twice a summer, more to spend time with him than for my interest in golf. He didn’t hit the ball terribly far, but man did he hit it on a straight line, almost every time. “The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” (I’m not sure who said it.) And that’s a good metaphor for marriage: two people, loving each other unconditionally, journeying through life together, whether it’s a hundred yards or one day at a time.

In their case, it’s been 26,645 days. Happy Anniversary! We love you!

Love you boys, (73 years of marriage kind of love),


  1. Congrats to Grandma and Grandpa ~ They are Great! That was beautiful and 73 years is a super accomplishment.

  2. wow 73 years! That's awesome and inspiring. Thanks for that.

  3. Amen Dad-E. Your grandparents truly are an inspiration to all of us, and quite a spunky couple they are. Give them our congratulations.

  4. Congrats! 73 years is awesome.

  5. Wow, 73 years. I can only hope to live long enough to see that. We would both be 96 as well.

  6. Beautiful love story! Congratulations to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Rosi

  7. 73 Years? That's amazing! I'm looking forward to sharing this anniversary with my wife.

  8. 73 years is amazing and fantastic. They are truly a great example for us all.

  9. 73 years is a long time, I hope to be married that long if my wife can put up with me. LOL. Happy FF.

  10. That is a really impressive number! They should be congratulated and emulated. It's only been 8 years for me, and I would be happy as a clam to even have half of that. Incredible, and awesome post!

  11. 73 years!?! that is so great. these days most marriages don't last even 3 years. congrats to them. this post really warmed my heart :)

  12. My grandparents were good Christian folk who were married for 66 years until my grandfather passed. It wasn't a one-sided marriage either; they truly loved one another and had since the day they met. A testament to the strength and beauty of love.

    Amen. That's how Mama A and I feel about each other.

  13. That was beautiful! If my hubby can make it to 106 years old...we'll be good to go for 73 years. I think it is amazing that they have stayed strong for so long and they are an example to live by! I've heard your grandpa say that he keeps asking your grandma to get a purse that matches his outfit, but she just won't do it. Not only in love and strong, but still has a sense of humor! Tell them congrats from our family! Aunt-E

  14. This is a great post. In this crazy world, it's nice that people still understand what is truly important. I only recently became comfortable carrying my wife's purse but that's because it's heavier than an anvil. Feel free to stop by my blog any ol' time.