Monday, May 11, 2009

Magic Cookies

My dad once told me, “Just remember that children will remember the way you first explain something to them. Whatever you say, that’s how it will be.”

His comments on the impressionability of our children ring true.

In this instance, it was something happy, fun, and, well, yummy.

Several months ago, Grampap came by the house. During that visit, he gave Big Brother the “penny item” from Publix that week: a package of Publix-brand Oreo cookies.

To provide some background, you must understand that Grampap is a master of telling “stories” that young children believe with absolute certainty. For years, Mom-E was convinced that you had to beware of “moon burn” at night, and if you ate a watermelon seed, it would grow inside your stomach and make you look pregnant.

He proceeded to explain to Big Brother that the cookies were “Magic Cookies”, and that they could only be eaten if you dipped them in a glass of milk. Completely captivated, Big Brother soaked all of this in, literally.

And then we all ate cookies.

Like my dad said, however you first explain something to a child, that’s how it is.

And so, there’s now only one way to eat a “Magic Cookie”. (Unless you ask Little Brother, who prefers to twist his open, lick all of the cream filling, then dip it in mild, and proceed to smear chocolate cookie EVERYWHERE!)

It warms my heart to know that for the rest of his life, this is how Big Brother will eat Oreos, and each time he will think of his Grampap.

In fact, Grampap just brought us a second package of “Magic Cookies.”

Even Little Brother can spot their hiding place atop the refrigerator.
“Coo-kie!” he exclaims.

“What are magic cookies doing?” Big Brother replies.

They’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So tonight, take a moment away from the frenetic pace of life, pour a glass of milk, sit down with your little one(s), and talk about your day while enjoying a “Magic Cookie.”

They really are magic.

Have a good week,


  1. It's good to know somebody is raising the boys right. You don't want them learning this stuff on the street.

  2. I admit that I am already a bit of an emotional basketcase today due to a great weekend full of celebrations of motherhood and fatherhood... and because I am about to leave my kids for business travel for 3 bedtimes for the first time ever...

    But this got me all teary and choked up and gave me goosebumps.

    Thank you.

  3. Very sweet story! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Liz: I'm glad you had a great weekend. I empathize with your trip. I, too, am leaving for back-to-back meetings later this week. I'll be away from the fam for a few days, and then we'll all rendezvous at the site of the second meeting. It's always hard (particularly on the other parent) to be away, but children are extremely resilient. Thank goodness for cell phones, webcams, etc. I hope your time away passes swiftly, and that you have bear hugs and art work waiting for you when you return. Safe travels.

  5. I like your story! Grampap said "I won't be able to have magic cookies with your children"...just b/c my profession is all about a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean we can't all have some magic cookies now and then! I'm sure all of the cousins will have magic cookies together one day :) Aunt-E

  6. @Aunt-E: Grampap says a lot of things, some of which are not to be believed. :)

  7. Nice post. It is life's little lessons that when shared can often give you the happiest memories.

  8. This is can't beat a magic cookie for it's taste or the smile of a child, for it's love.

  9. Grampap (our Dad-E) taught us to put cookies in a glass of milk and chop them up with a spoon then eat it. That was our magic cookie desert :)

    He told me once that Gramm-E was flown home in a helicoptor from the hospital and they had to land in the empty lot across the street because she couldn't be in a car after her surgery. I went to school and told EVERYONE. So embarressing!