Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Security Band-Aids

Some kids have blankies.

Other kids have teddy bears or baby dolls.

Little Brother has his band-aids.

That's right, band-aids.

Little Brother is pretty much obsessed with band-aids right now.

If he gets so much as a hang-nail, he needs wants a band-aid.

And once it's on, it's ON. I mean, he wants to leave it on for DAYS at a time such that you'd have to pretty much anesthetize him to get it off or he gets a tan line from the band-aid even in winter.

At other times, he doesn't even have a so-called ouchie. That's right, he just wants a band-aid for security it's own sake.

The funny part is that when I ask him "Where does it go?", he'll look at his right hand, then pull up his right sleeve, then look at his left hand, before finally settling on his left forearm.

"I have a band-aid, Mom-E!", he proudly exclaims.

"Are you sure you don't want me to put it on your forehead, little buddy?"

Someday when he's tall enough to reach the shelf I'm going to come home and that little guy's going to be covered from head to toe in band-aids.

I wish I could "fix" everything that bothered me with a band-aid. But that's what duct tape and super-glue are for.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,
Gotta to run to the store and pick up some more band-aids,


  1. My daughter was the same way. But she found some and made herself a band-aid mustache.

  2. Cute! I've heard of a lot of kids doing this. So funny! I'm sure its extra fun when your band aids have spiderman or some other cool guy on there! love, aunt-e

  3. Hehehehehe this never ends. I hide the new bandaids evertime I come home from the store or I would never have one when one is actually needed.

  4. I have a friend with the opposite issue - her daughter is completely afraid and grossed out by bandaids. She can never get her to wear one, or even touch one.

  5. What makes some kids just love bandaids? One of mine used to want them all the time. She would have used them as body decorations. Better than piercings I guess. As a security blanket it's not a bad idea. Hope you don't run out when he wants or needs one.