Monday, November 30, 2009

These Are Days

(Except for the members of 10,000 Maniacs other than Natalie Merchant, all of whom are kicking themselves for the band's break-up).

I hope that you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

For all of us here at Busy-Dad-E, it was a pleasant 4 days.

It's been a wild 3 months, between having our house on the market (PLEASE SEND SOMEONE TO BUY IT), the arrival of Bab-E drawing ever closer, work, school for Big Brother, some travel, and all the other routine daily activities.

It feels like we blinked and it went from September to (almost) December.

And so, I was thrilled to have the past 4 days off without work that had to be done and anywhere (far) to travel.

We spent a nice Thanksgiving Day at Aunt-E's. The evening ended with screenings of Shrek The Halls, and Home Alone. This was the first time Big Brother has seen this movie, and almost every phrase out of his mouth since has started with, "Why did Kevin..."

On Friday we had a family portrait taken. We did the same thing before Little Brother was born. The boys both did well. Okay, Little Brother did well except for the last 5 minutes, when he threw an utter melt-down tantrum and refused any pose that did not involve me carrying him.

On Saturday we enjoyed a casual lunch with good friends and their children. We followed this up in the aftenoon with (Big Brother and I) jumping a sliding into a ginormous pile of leaves in the backyard.

Yesterday we put up our external Christmas decorations. I hung the lights while the boys "helped." And by helped, I mean I put up the lights while they played ball and rode bikes in the driveway. Although to his credit, Big Brother did put the star on top of the rope Christmas tree.

And, of course, in between these highlights, there was a LOT of story reading, Scooby-Doo watching, in-house hide-and-go-seeking, tickling & giggling, bed jumping, kitchen dancing, and naptime rocking.

Man, I can't wait for paternity leave (cashing in all available vacation and sick leave for 5 weeks off).

Have a good week,


  1. Wow, five weeks off...that is GREAT! I wish Michael could have done taken so much time. He barely got two days. LOL! Rosi

  2. I am glad you had such an enjoyable holiday! We had so much fun with yourfamily and everyone else on thanksgiving! Looking forward to that new baby getting here! love aunt-e

  3. I'm so glad that you got some downtime with your family. Fielding Home Alone questions, hanging lights and herding kids for a photo seems much more enjoyable work than your day job.

  4. @WM: I'm lucky that I enjoy both of my "jobs." Fatherhood is more fun, but my career is interesting and satisfying for different reasons. I just need 48 hours in a day.