Friday, July 16, 2010

A Nap and A Date

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When Mom-E and I were engaged, more often than not on Sundays following church and lunch, after a long week we'd decide to take a "little" afternoon nap.

And by "little", I mean we'd start out saying "Let's just rest for an hour."

THREE hours later we'd wake-up and it'd almost be dinnertime.

All I can say is, "Man, them were some GOOOOD naps."

Now I wouldn't trade our current chaotic lifestyle with 3 boys age 5 and under for anything, but there are DEFINITELY some times when a 3-hour nap on the weekend would be a royal treat.

However, I think Mom-E has figured out a way to rekindle nap time.

Two words:


Now granted she did have to fast beforehand, and we did have to make arrangements for Grampap-E to watch the boys while we're at the hospital,...

...and yeah, there's that whole part about post-op pain, a sore throat from the breathing tube, recovery time, and not being able to lift objects heavier than Bab-E Brother (i.e., Little Brother and Big Brother).

Hey, but she really did get about a 2-hour nap--completely uninterrupted--out of the deal.

And, to boot, Mom-E and I got a "date" of sorts by getting some time to hang out--albeit in a recovery room--with just the two of us.

But seriously, one of the things I love most about Mom-E and I is that we truly enjoy each other's company, just talking and laughing together, regardless of the situation.

(With the joyful chaos at home, we pretty much have to find the humor in little things, lest we go insane.)

I know this will serve us well when we're (hopefully really) old without the eyesight or mobility to do much else.

Seriously though, Mom-E did have some relatively minor surgery, although the words surgery and minor are somewhat of an oxymoron.

She's doing fine and starting to recouperate, but nonetheless appreciates your thoughts and prayers (especially that Little Brother--in true middle child fashion--will be able to tolerate being carried around less than usual).

Have a great weekend,


  1. Here's to a speedy recovery, Mom-E! I hope you're feeling better and getting rest! Love, aunt-e

  2. My wife often thinks fondly of her days in the hospital after her C-section. Aside from the grueling pain...She enjoyed the being waited on, having meals prepared, served, and cleaned up for her. We also had a lot of time to ourselves, I must admit though I hadn't quite thought of it as a date (maybe I am off base and have slightly more romantic ideas about dates, I don't know :) ) But there were also the amazing NAPS! Hmmm, what organ can I live without?

  3. Feel better Mom-E. Get some deserved rest. Rosi

  4. Since the birth of our son, and living in a city where we don't know many people, date nights are few and far between. I'll bring up the surgery idea to my wife. ;)

    I hope Mom-E heals quickly and is back on her feet and doing well soon.

  5. Glad she is doing ok. Prayers for a swift recovery.

    I don't like naps, and I still wouldn't take one despite my newly hectic lifestyle. But I do find myself falling asleep on the couch at night like an old man.