Monday, July 5, 2010

Potty Role Reversal

Hi Everyone!

Sorry to have briefly dropped off the side of the bloggosphere.

Between a mini-vacation, and our internet service being out for a few days, I've missed a couple of posts.

I hope everyone had a nice July 4th weekend.

I'm starting a new job this week.

Reflecting on this change, I was thinking about an old post about what'd happen if, as parents, we behaved like our kids at work.

As I think about making a good first impression, I came up with a few potty-related behaviors to avoid this week:

1. I will not dance on my tip-toes in the hallway outside my office until someone asks me if I have to go potty.

2. Once I acknowledge having to go potty as in #1 above, I will not continue to wait to go potty until I have to go so "badly" that I end up spraying some on the floor because I'm rushing to pee before my bladder explodes.

3. If I have to go #2, I will not scream out loud to ask my boss to help me wipe my backside afterwards.

4. I will not pull forcefully on my zipper while sitting in a meeting room filled with people, and when asked by my colleagues if I have to go potty, reply curtly with, "No."

5. I will not sit in the same meeting as in #4 above, suddenly realize my chair is wet, raise my hand and say, "I went pee-pee already."

6. Five minutes after wetting my seat, I will not stand up and do the same thing to the carpet behind my chair, and say "I went pee-pee again."

7. After wetting myself twice as above, I will not insist that my boss carry me upstairs so I can get a new pair of pee-onts (pants).

8. I will not run out of the potty wearing nothing below my waist, and promptly sit on the floor and start playing with toys.

9. If I go #2 while at the office, I will not ask my colleagues to come look at it before I flush.

10. I will not insist on only doing #2 on my Elmo potty seat at HOME, holding out long enough that I eventually soil myself in my office.

Have a good week,
Remember your potty manners,


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  2. Do you mind if I post these rules in the holding cells?

  3. I'm glad you behaved yourself on your first day of the job, and observed all of the rules of etiquette :)