Monday, January 30, 2012

Financial $ponsitility

This weekend, all 3 boys got to go purchase a new toy with some money they received for Chirstmas and their birthday.

Both Little Brother and Bab-E Brother found exactly what they were looking for right away at Store 1.

Big Brother, on the other hand, was on the hunt for a specific new Beyblade and initially came up empty-handed.

In days past, this could've sent him into a meltdown that would make the financial crisis look like a hangnail.

Mom-E and I could easily see him just buying a toy for the sake of buying one, rather than getting what he wanted.

In fact, this "I must spend" attitude resulted in our decision to put his allowance on the diasbled-list, because every week he wanted to spend his $1 on "junk", rather than saving his money for something desirable.

At his school, the students earn tickets for good behavior, which can be saved or "spent" at the end of the week on small items or privileges. For a long time, Big Brother had the same attitude about the tickets (i.e., "I must spend them every week.")

But this weekend, Mom-E and I were very impressed with Big Brother's maturity. Instead of "just buying something", he asked if we could look at a different store.

In between stores, we made a stop for dinner, which initially met with some resistance.

But soon enough, we were off to Store 2, to everyone's great excitement.

Store 2 didn't have the new type of Beyblade (looks like maybe they aren't in stores yet), but he found a carrying case for 10 Beyblades (and associated accotrements) that came with a new Beyblade.

And I mentioned that maybe the new Beyblade that isn't out yet might find it's way into his Easter basket.

So in the end, all of the boys ended up happy with their new toys.

And Big Brother and Little Brother also got lessons in making purchases with their own money.

At this rate, if Big Brother can do a good job with his chores, it may be time to restart his allowance.

And if he shows the same level of fiscal responsibility with that money, well, then we'll encourage him to run for Congress.

Way to go, buddy! We're proud of you!

Have a good week,

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