Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Irony Man

You may remember that I recently dished on Big Brother's end of the year prize for good behavior.

Well, last Saturday we did some window shopping at Target, and Big Brother came across this toy.

All 3 boys like to play with Bey Blades, and Big Brother and Little Brother's favorite Saturday cartoon is Bey Blade: Metal Masters.

And last week's episode featured two of the Beys in this set.

(As an aside, in the show Team Star Breaker, the American Team, is about to battle Team Gan Gan Galaxy, the Japanese Team, in the World Championships.  The Japanese team has likeable characters that value friendship, camaraderie, hard work, and always doing your best, while the American team is a bunch of evil, power hungry cheaters.  I'll let you form your own opinion about if that's an accurate portrayal of American society today.)

Needless to say, the boys are REALLY REALLY excited about this set.

And needless to say, Dad-E and Mom-E are REALLY REALLY Excited about this set because it contains 3 Bey Blades, which means everyone gets an end of the school year good behavior prize that they want (Big and Little Brother each want a different Bey)...

...and no one will fight over them for at least 35 seconds after the package is opened.  :)

On Sunday I had to travel for work.  When I got back on Tuesday afternoon, I decided to stop by Target to go ahead and buy it.  The boys know that this will be their prize if good behavior continues through the rest of the school year, and that they will not get to open it until the last day of school.

You need to understand that since Saturday, Big Brother has NOT STOPPED TALKING ABOUT THIS TOY.  Every conversation, including phone calls when I was away, has begun with either "Dad-E, I really like Hades Kerbecs' (see pic above) spin track", or "Do you think that Hades Kerbecs can defeat Flame Byxis (see also pic above)?"

When I got to Target, there were NO Team Start Breaker sets (there were about 4 on Saturday).

Oh the Irony.

After kicking myself for not just buying it Saturday (didn't want 1,000 requests a minute for, "Can I open that?", I went home to discuss with Mom-E.

We looked online, Target, Walmart - nothing.  Amazon had it, but for about 50% more than the retail price at Target.

So an hour after getting home, Little Brother and I went to Walmart to look (at this point I had to start explaining the situation).

Of course, they didn't have the set either, but they did have an individual Flame Byxis (that's the one Little Brother wanted).

Oh, the double Irony.

They have Little Brother's, but not Big Brother's toy.  You could imagine how well THAT would go over.  Not.

So I then called the other Target store in town.  Amazingly, they had one left and were willing to hold it for me.

So during piano lessons and before cub scouts, Dad-E zipped over to Target to secure the prize.

Man that was harder that it should've been.

And now we have several days left of trying to keep the toy on the highest shelf in our closet amidst copious requests to inspect the present, or to ask how many seconds are left until school is over.

They say that no good deed goes unpunished.  It's just ironic when the "punishment" is running all over town to track down a reward for good behavior.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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