Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden: Week 10

This week's garden photos brought to you by Grampap-E and the letter "S".

Sometimes I think that the garden has turned into a crowd of parents jockeying for position at 5am in front of Toys R Us because Christmas is 3 days away and there's one Tickle Me Elmo left.

The cucumber plants are bullies.  They have these awesome little Indiana Jones-like "whips" that they use to try to take over the whole garden.

A big thank you and hats off to Pap-Pap, who came over after work the other day and helped me install a little sprinkler system/drip lines attached to a timer, so that the garden won't die when we go on vacation.  Can you say "Automatic Watering!"  What took us about an hour probably would've taken me 3-4 hours with my 3 "helpers".

Before being vanquished by the cucumber clan, the green peppers were trans-planted into their own separate pot with their very own drip line.

Okay, okay, so I'm a little bit corny...

Yay!  Finally, some cucumbers that are bigger than my pinky.

Can you eat me now?  Can you eat me now? ...  Good!  (and Yum!)

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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