Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Note From a Gwarrel

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Mom-E gave me the heads-up the other day that Big Brother came home with a note from a "gwarrel" (girl in Little Brother-speak) in his class.

For a few brief moments, I anticipated all kinds of brotherly teasing and yelling and screaming about somebody having a "gwarrel-friend."

However, according to Big Brother - who is an "Honest Abe" - apparently everyone in the class, the teacher included, received one.  (Making me think, "Wow, this gwarrel spent a LOT of time writing notes.)

Still, it was very cute and very sweet.  But don't tell Big Brother that.  He might scream and run for fear of "cooties."

And yes, we agree that Big Brother is cool.

Have a good weekend,