Sunday, August 19, 2012

Minty Hot Chocolate Connaisseur

Little Brother has a penchant for a number of things - coins, tiny plastic toys, blankets, ropes, even latex gloves (which, by the way, he now stores in an M&M Mini's container that I once used to store quarters).

But I digress.

One of Little Brother's favorite pastimes is afternoon hot chocolate.

It could be 3000 degrees outside, and the boy will still want hot chocolate.

And, invariably, he has to put something in it (besides the marshmallows, of course).

Perhaps the "mint" gene is X-linked, because he and Mom-E both really like their mint hot chocolate.

For a while, he was content to go with just the generic Starlight peppermints.

Then it expanded to Starlight spearmints.

Next, we crossed over to Tic Tacs.  But not just the white ones.  One night I found myself at the store with green Tic Tacs on the list (amongst many other things).  I figured it was for some kind of school counting project.  But no, alas, just Little Brother's wish to sample every flavor of Tic Tac.

(Dude, by the way, I'd pass on the orange ones.  But then again, maybe you'd like that.)

And this has been shortly followed by pillow mints.

Of course, it's not good enough to add just one thing.  You've gots to combination.

So, Little Brother's current recipe for that perfect cup of afternoon hot chocolate, to keep you hot on that hot summer day, is to "cool it off" with a refreshing combo of spearment Starlights and Tic Tacs, and finish it off with some pillow mints.

Enjoy!  Bon appetit!

Have a minty good week,

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  1. Love the resourcefulness of the little guy! You have a chef or a chemist on your hands, look out. I am a fellow hot chocolate fan! Donna