Friday, August 10, 2012

Second Grade

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

It seems like just an eye blink ago, Big Brother was starting first grade.

And now here we are starting second grade.  Yes, school started this week.  Unbelievably early, I know.  But at least no homework so far.

Dear Big Brother,

Mom-E and I are so proud of you!  Second grade is going to be an exiciting awesome year!

Indeed, you're already excited about getting to play on the "bigger" playground.

I'm glad you know a few people in your class from last year, and hope that you make many more new friends this year.

It will be exciting to watch as your skills continue to develop more this school year.

Mom-E and I enjoyed your class work from the first day of school, with some very concrete responses, and others that were more creative.

Nice job on the correct spelling of Transformer!

As introspective as you are, it strikes me how you said that if you were a feeling you'd be inside.  I truly understand what you mean.

Just know that no matter what, those feelings can always be shared with Mom-E and I.  We are here for you.

Here's to another great year!



  1. Good luck to your little man in 2nd Grade!

  2. That was exactly what struck me..."If I were a feeling I would be on the inside." But yes, Big Brother, sometimes it's good to share those feelings. Have a wonderful school year my first born grandson!