Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Brother Explains Wedding Receptions

Today brings the next installment in our “Big Brother Explains” series, where my precocious 4 year-old gives his “how-to” through his own eyes (usually literally through his pictures).

If there's one thing Big Brother knows how to do, it's have fun at a wedding reception.

Every time we've taken him to a wedding reception, my generally quiet, reserved, introverted guy (in public, anyway) flips a magic switch somewhere and turns into Mr. Personality. It's amazing. When the lights are flashing and the music is pumping, Big Brother and his booty are out on the dance floor getting their groove thing on (except for occasional trips back to the table for french fries or cake.)

(The wedding itself, on the other hand, usually gets little attention beyond the "what's that girl wearing a white dress for?" question.)

Last weekend was no different. We were at a wedding reception from about 6:30 to 10pm, and we literally had to drag Big Brother off the dance floor (Little Brother could barely keep his eyes open) to get him to leave.

The highlight was a guest appearance by the college mascot of the bride and groom's alma mater. This mascot held a dance-off with any willing guests. Big Brother has patented a "dance move", where he puts three limbs on the ground and kicks one leg up in the air. Unfortunately, he was just a little too scared of the mascot to go on the dance floor and do it, otherwise he might've won (you could see in his body language that he just couldn't quite bring himself to go out there.)

Okay, without further ado, here's how to have fun at a wedding reception according to Big Brother

Step 1. Make sure you get to sit next to the flower girl, the cutest girl who is likely to dance with you (apart from Mom-E).

Step 2. Surround yourself with close friends.

Step 3. Wait until everyone is served before eating.

Step 4. Make sure the lighting is adequate.

Step 5. Dress for success.

Step 6. Do not drink too much prior to going out on to the dance floor (it makes the room spin).

Step 7. If no one will dance with you, drag someone out there (preferably a Little Brother, who is smaller than you, for now).

Step 8. After you've danced 'til you can't dance no more, have Dad-E carry you and make him dance for you.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

P.S. Update on our new neighbor, who continues to occupy the cabinet next to the sink. Big Brother has decorated his new phat pad for a 4 year-old abode. Take a look at his handiwork.


  1. LOL! At least he knows how to have fun. That's funny.

  2. Great. He's 4. He is a ladies man. He has a bachelor pad. One of the preschool Dads will be knocking on your door any day now.

  3. This is truly hysterical! I especially like the last photo where he's literally dragging Little Brother onto the dance floor! Big Brother certainly knows how to have fun!

  4. @Rosi: I bet he'd love to dance with your girls.

    @WeasalMomma: I'll pass along your compliments to Big Brother on his pad. Yep, preschool starts in August. I'm sure I'll have even more to blog about then. I can hear the other dads now, "Keep your girls locked up, because Big Brother is coming to town." :)

    @surprised mom: Rest assured that no Little Brothers were harmed during the wedding reception.

  5. LOL! My girls sure love to dance! I am sure that it would be hysterical to watch them on the dance floor. Kaitlyn has her own signature move too.

  6. If there was no drinking before dancing there would be a lot less dancing in the world. I need to learn that signature move.