Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleep a Mile in His Shoes

They say that you don’t know a man child until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

Well, if that’s the case, Little Brother is making his best effort to know his Big Brother, both while awake and asleep.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, such as here and here, Little Brother is going through a phase where he REALLY looks up to Big Brother, and he tries to emulate him in EVERY WAY. If Big Brother refuses to eat something, Little Brother pushes it away, too. If Big Brother laughs, Little Brother chuckles right along side him, regardless of whether he gets the joke. You get the idea. It’s pretty cute.

And it helps that Big Brother (usually) likes Little Brother. They have a growing ability to communicate with each other nonverbally, if not telepathically. This usually occurs in the form of an evil grin that screams, “Let’s do something mischievious.” When they think Mom-E and Dad-E aren’t looking too closely, they appear to be having fun together.

Little Brother is also going through a phase where he also loves to wear SHOES that are not his own. Sometimes, these are mine, but usually they belong Big Brother. And lately, he exclusively prefers a worn-out pair of Lightning McQueen sandals from Target. They’re too small for Big Brother, but still a little clunky for Little Brother. Check out his kicks:

(The best part is that he ALWAYS puts them on backwards. Except for this picture, of course--spiteful child :)

He doesn’t care one bit. He wears them all over the house. He gets upset when we try to put on HIS shoes. He doesn’t even want to take them off at bedtime.

Below is a picture of the SECOND time we’ve checked on Little Brother at night and found him ASLEEP and STILL WEARING Big Brother’s sandals. Too funny.

Like I said, apparently to really know someone, it’s not good enough to walk a mile in their shoes. I guess you have to sleep a night (or two) in them, too.

Here’s to Little Brother and his best friend, Big Brother. (As you can see from the picture above, if anyone tries to take off his shoes, Little Brother will go all Bam-Bam with his red bat on them. Not really. And if he did, he’d take a trip to Time Out. (In his Lightning McQueen sandals, of course).

Have a good week,


  1. We have that in our house too- except it's little brother wearing big sister's shoes... and since big sister is obsessed with pink and flowery and sparkly, it makes for some entertaining dress up episodes!

  2. That is really cute. They are going to have such a blast growing up together. Rosi

  3. My little one's going through a shoe phase as well. He'll stummble across the floor in any shoes he can find. Never to bed though LOL

  4. Cute as a button!

  5. Little Brother is just adorable, especially in his, I'm sorry, Big Brother's, Lightning McQueen sandals! The relationship between Little Brother and Big Brother is touching, too! Aren't kids wonderful?

  6. He is so cute. Sleeping in the shoes is hysterical. Does he try wearing mommy-e's heels? That's a pic we want to see.

  7. @Liz: Little Brother loves to wear Mom-E's shoes, too

    @Rosi: They're going to be as thick as thieves, just like your girls.

    @Jason: Stumble is the key word. But they don't care that the shoes are too big.

    @lkgeyer: Thanks! See you soon.

    @Surprised Mom: Thanks. Yes, the boys are wonderful. Except when they aren't (which is only rarely).

    @WeaselMomma: We're saving the pics of Little Brother in Mom-E's heels for his first girlfriend.