Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Bab-E

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! This letter brought to you by Dad Blogs, the number 3, and the letter E.

Dear Bab-E,

Your Mom-E and I are so excited that you'll be joining our family (ex utero) in the not too distant future! I can't wait to meet you, and neither can your Mom-E and brothers!

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying your time in the dark, pee-filled sac inside hotel Mom-E (hey, look it up, amniotic fluid is basically baby pee). I trust you're finding the environment cozy and conducive to your needs (i.e., growth and development). The feedback from your brothers was positive.

You've already distinguished yourself from your siblings in several ways:
1. You're the first child that I was not at home the moment we found out we were expecting you. That said, Mom-E and your brothers rushed over to my work right away so that we could all share in the good news. Everyone was very happy.

2. Many highlights of your life, including times before you are born, will be chronicled on this blog, whereas I started it when your brothers were about 4 and 1. I hope you'll enjoy reading it in the future.

3. You are presently making Mom-E more tired than she's pretty much ever been in her life. At least you've eased up on the nausea part, but it's no small feat to make her that tired.

It is my first hope is that you'll be a happy, healthy Bab-E. We loved seeing your heartbeat on the first ultrasound. You're about the size of a cashew right now, and at the right angle you kinda resemble one.

If you're a boy, I predict that you'll come "out of the box" with a personality like Scrappy Doo. You'll have to be a bit feisty in order to keep up with 2 older brothers.

If you're a girl, all I can say is that you'll be well-protected by your older brothers (and Dad-E). Please note that protected is not a substitute for being a strong person. You will be both strong and protected.

For now, just know that Mom-E and I love you for who you are. We'll always be there for you.

Mom-E will take good care of you in her hotel.

I will continue to talk to you nightly through the wall to your room (aka belly button), even though your ears haven't fully developed yet. Mom-E thinks it's funny (but very cute). I'm convinced that you know it's me.

I love you,


  1. A. My money is on a girl.
    B. Hotel Mom-E, that is too funny! Considering what goes on in all hotels.

  2. I remember spending lots of time talking to my kids in the womb. I think it helped build our bond before they "checked out". I like your analogy, it is kinda like a hotel with full accomodations. -Jason

  3. I felt that talking to my kids when they were in the womb helped build our relationship before they were "checked out". I like your analogy! -Jason

  4. Lovely letter to your baby! I wrote a few of those myself. And reading to them in Mama's belly was always a good time, especially when Bea got busy in the belly.

  5. i'm w wm on the girl thing. very cute letter to bab-e. too cute that big brother & little brother are excited :)

  6. Very sweet letter. I am sure that one day she will appreciate reading it. Rosi

  7. Very sweet letter to your baby! I'm hoping you have a girl, too. There's nothing like a daddy/daughter relationship. I see it every day with my two girls and their dad. It's wonderful the boys are so excited about their new sibling. I hope Mom-E gets lots of rest and feels less tired soon.

  8. Very sweet letter to Bab-E. Lucky Bab-E she is too. She will be surrounded by her two loving parents and 2 protective big brothers who like to take care of and entertain Bab-Es. Rosi, I liked how you slipped that "she" in there so I did it too.