Friday, June 26, 2009

Waiting Room Extra(OB)aganza

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

Thanks to for hosting this cornucopia of everything that's good (and sometimes bad and downright ugly) about fatherhood!

And now, a word from our sponsor:
Your friendly neighborhood obstetrician's office, aka "Disneyland For Toddlers!"

I doubt anyone's done a study on this, but at least in our family, taking children to the obstetrician's office brings out all the excitement (and long wait times) of Disney, at a fraction of the price.

It makes sense on some level: taking a child to the OB's office is like bringing them back to the mother ship. They're reunited with the person who yanked (gently) them out of "Hotel Mom-E", and they must have an unconscious awareness that this person is somehow important.

Mom-E had a routine prenatal visit this week, and we brought both of the boys with us because Dad-E was running low on blog ideas and had a strong hunch that this would provide inspiration we love them and take them most everywhere.


Loyal readers hoping for another tale about how Big Brother had to pee incessantly during the (READ: almost 2-hour) wait will be disappointed.

In fact, Big Brother was pretty tame. Between pretending that he was a Super-Reader, playing with my cell phone, and playing with a car Transformer (excuse me, Big Brother), he was content in Fantasyland.

Little Brother, on the other hand, put on an all-around SHOW!

It was like free advertising for the OB. "Look at me. This wonderful little ball of smiles, cuteness, and energy could happen to you if you visit this doctor."

While Mom-E got her vital signs done, he pretty much did a dance on the floor for the nurse.

Tired of Big Brother's #1 antics, Little Brother then decided to go #2 TWICE (see, I told you, it's all about two these days) while we were in the waiting room, exclaiming "Poo-poo!" both times (just in case the rest of the waiting room couldn't tell from the grunting).

Then, he decided to repeatedly stand up on the couch in the waiting room and exclaim, "Hi Everybody!" (Each time Mom-E and I turned about 3 shades of purple.)

Next, a girl toddled in and went across the room, and Little Brother followed her Every. Step. Of. The. Way. What made it even funnier was that, at the time, he was lying on the couch. In order to keep her in his signts, he had to stick his neck around the corner of the couch, and he almost rolled off completely (good catch Mom-E).

Later, he caught sight of a baby in the waiting room. He absolutely ADORES babies right now (hope that trend continues). He started to exclaim "Baby!" and pretty much walked off to go say "Hello", like we were yesterday's garbage.

Without a sign of getting tired (he'd had a 90 minute nap), he then made a bee line for the curtain and potted plant. The curtain was a fun toy to pull on, and he wanted to eat the plant (he kept calling it a fuh-fry, his word for french fry, which he uses to describe any food of that general shape).

Finally, Mom-E was called back to the exam room. It took almost 2 hours (apparently the doctor was delayed by some emergencies). I came from work to meet them, was able to stay for the first hour (which I thought would be plenty of time for the whole visit), and then had to go back to work.

Apparently, Little Brother and Big Brother enjoyed an extended game of using the curtain as a tent to play peek-a-boo after I left.

When the doctor came in, she asked Big Brother if he knew the Bab-E's name?

"SURGERY!" he retorted?!? We have no idea where this came from.

After our trip to Disney the OB, I vote that families with multiple children get a special red-tag that puts them at the front of the line at the doctor's office.

Still, if you're looking for a fun new place to take your kids to play, try the OB's office. It doesn't matter whether or not you have an appointment. Just stay and play for a while, and then leave when they get tired.

We hope to have some news from another ultrasound in about 6 weeks!

Until then, have a good weekend,


  1. Thankfully when we were pregnant with baby number 2 the oldest was still in daycare. We didn't have to wrangle him though all of the prenatal visits.

  2. Dang, two hours...agaonizing even without kids in tow....glad you survived...:-)


  3. I recall those appointments with Kaitlyn. Near the end of the pregnancy she would start to scream when she noticed that it was the OB office. The only way we survived those visits was due to our portable DVD player where she watched a Disney movie.

  4. I think Gramm-E and Aunt-E should do a guest blog on "What name do I like?" to explain the "surgery" thing. haha -Aunt-E

  5. Nope. Never would be bring the oldest to the OB office when it was time for a pre-natal checkup. It was my alone time and time for Daddy and the oldest to hang together. The more ungainly I got, the less I wanted to chase the oldest around the room. She was 2 at the time of my pregnancy. So kudos to you and Mom-E for treating your kids to a trip to "Disneyland." BTW, if I was a patient waiting to see the doctor, I would have appreciated the entertainment provided by Little Brother. He sounds like he had a good time and provided a good time for all.
    I did vote. Even though you do have two boys, I'm hoping you have a girl this time. You'll love being a daddy to a girl.

  6. Yep, Aunt-E and I can explain the "surgery" thing anytime you would like.

  7. i'm just gonna say i'm glad those days are WAAAAYYYYYY over for me lol

  8. the idea that going to the OB is cheaper than going to Disney is a misnomer. You just get a better payment plan!

  9. @Aunt-E and Gramm-E: You're hired as guest posters. I need a draft by the close of business on Tuesday. Even bloggers have deadlines.