Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Don't Like Like

So, like, the other day, like, Big Brother, like started to insert, like, the word "like" into, like, many of his, like, phrases.

(Not to, like, the extent that, like, I'm, like, doing in this post.)

Mom-E and I were, like, taken a little, like, aback, that he, like, started, like, doing this, because, like, we really, like, don't say "like", like all that much.

We're, like, not really sure, like, where he, like, picked this fun little, like, habit up.

But we are, like, sure that, like, we're going to, like, break him of, like, it.

So as, like, a first, like, step, I, like, need to, like, get rid of, like, any urge, to like, say the word "like."

There. I'm, like, feeling, like better.

Thanks for, like, being so, like, understanding.

Like, see you on, like, Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Well like I really um don't like hearing or using the word "like" at all either and I'm um hoping you can like break Big Brother of saying like "like" all the time. I don't like "um" totally!

  2. I have to say, I noticed this new little habit when I was visiting on Saturday. It made me laugh and I think I teased him about it a little. You usually don't start hearing "like" until kids are closer to the teen years. Maybe he picked it up from other kids at preschool? Good luck banishing the word "like"!!!! love aunt-e

  3. That is a hard one to break...hopefully its just a phase like many of children's habits. LOL! Rosi

  4. @Gramm-E: I, um, like like your, um, like comment.

    @Aunt-E: He's already doing better, but we're not sure where he picked this up.

    @Rosi: Yep, hoping it's just a "fad."

  5. There was a time when the girls were younger teens that I came to despise the word "like." I wanted to scream every time they said it. (I'm sure I did scream in frustration a time or two.) I'm sure I used "like" in a sarcastic manner a time or one hundred back at them. I'm also sure I said STOP in a forceful manner. I think their dad was a little more patient. Eventually they stopped their dependency on "like." I'm sure it was nothing I did or didn't do.

    I was surprised Big Brother is using "like" as young as he is. I thought it was a teen thing. I sincerely hope it's a short-lived fad because, as you so humorously pointed out, using the word "like" in a sentence twenty times can be just a tad annoying.

  6. @Surprised Mom: It WAS short-lived. For now, it appears to have, like, disappeared.