Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Get What You Need

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! This fun event sponsored by is entering the "terrible 2's." Before you throw a tantrum, be sure to check out all of the great dad bloggers over there.

So this week the family and I did something absurd foolish crazy because sometimes you just have to.

One week before we were supposed to--keep reading closing on our new house and two weeks before "moving day", we decided to go on a business/vacation trip. I'm at a conference this week (hence no post on Wednesday, sorry)

We decided to bring the whole family, for a number of reasons:
1. The conference schedule was pretty much half-days, allowing for more family fun time than usual.
2. We're celebrating my birthday this weekend (turning 30-something again this year), and I didn't want to be alone.
3. The thought of leaving Mom-E home with the three boys was enough to give anyone a panic attack.
4. We're complete and total suckers who welcome the challenge of DRIVING 600 miles in a minivan with boys age 5, 2, and 7 weeks.

Now before you check my sanity, let me explain.

Mom-E and I have been burning the candle at both ends BIG TIME lately. Between some extra hours at work, keeping the house clean for potential showings, trying to pack for the move, and all the day-to-day operations of a family of 5 (read LAUNDRY. GOBS & GOBS of laundry!), being home has taken on a prison-like quality.

Mom-E and I have been sleep-deprived, which likely contributed to my recent GI illness. And we feel like all we've been doing is yelling at the boys, who probably were suffering from a (relative) lack of attention.

To give you an idea of how tired we were, we brought the portable DVD player, but didn't even think to bring...oh, say...some ACTUAL DVDs for the boys to watch (bought a previously viewed copy of Bolt for $9.99 at a gas station midway).

And so despite a million and one reasons to stay in town, we decided to take the trip.

And despite the potential horrors such a massively long trip with small children, I feel like we've escaped a burning building and can breathe again.

The distractions minimized, the attention back on the boys, we've seen the reemergence of uncontrollable laughter. I've been able to enjoy afternoons playing with the boys without work-related distractions.

Sure, things get a little testy when you have 5 people in a modestly-sized hotel room, but the point is we're enjoying it together.

It makes me think of the Rolling Stones:

"You can't always get what you want (no)
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes...
you just might find...
You get what you need"

We definitely needed the getaway...

...especially after today's news.

4 days before closing on our new house, the builder called us today because of a plumbing problem in the master bath. In short, water ran for about 16 hours and there is extensive damage throughout both floors of the house. They estimate it will take up to 3 more weeks to repair before we can move in. Fortunately, the builders have a tremendous reputation and we're confident will fix things right (albeit we'll still have a home inspector make sure).

It's a blessing that we're far away, because I don't think we'd want to see the house right now.

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me...not.

So what can you get me for my birthday?

1. If you like it, plug my Mentally Sexy Contest entry by writing a REVIEW (not just a comment) **HERE**. Any props would be appreciated.

2. If you haven't done so before, drop me a comment on the blog. You can do so anonymously. I'd love to hear from you.

3. Pray that the people who are coming to look at our house on Sunday make an offer.

Anway, I'm with my family right now, and that's what I need.

Have a good weekend,


  1. I hear ya on getting out...we've had a trying past few months as well..AND we're about to get into the whole house buying thing as well. I feel for ya man! Hang in there!

  2. @SMD: Thanks. It sure sounds like it's been a tough time for you. I love the redesign of your blog. Your commitment to addressing issues of diabetes and parenting is tremendous and commendable.