Sunday, November 14, 2010

Da-Da Shake Your No-No

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

If you thought I was introducing the next hit single by our very own "Corn House Boys", I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

Bab-E Brother continues to grow and develop by leaps and bounds.

He has officially broken his vow of silence, and is now suffering from oral diarrhea. And despite being called "diarrhea", it is quite pleasant to the (aural)senses.

He is now babbling ALL DAY LONG. Da-da-da-da...Ma-ma-ma-ma...Ga (the latter being his term for sock). Perhaps it takes his mind away from teething pain.

I can't wait until the ma-ma and da-da become "specific".

Bab-E Brother has also learned the "No-No" head shake.

Fortunately, he has yet to learn the word "no", although we all k"no"w that's coming soon.

Instead, he seems to be mimicking Little Brother, who suavely shakes his head in said fashion while grooving to cool jams.

(Great. Note to self. Learning of (potenitally bad) habits from older brothers is in full-swing.)

This is quite funny, because you can ask him "Bab-E Brother, do you want some Cheerios?"

And he'll shake his head "No", which is promptly followed by shovelling in a hand full of Cheerios to the point of almost choking.

In contrast to "ma-ma" and "da-da", I can wait until the "no's" become specific.

And if all that wasn't exciting enough, Bab-E Brother is also on-the-move.

He can make about 2 shuffles in "regular" crawling position, before he collapses into a full-blown "commando crawl."

But even "commando crawling", the boy slithers like a speedy snake, particularly if a choking hazzard has caught his eye.

(Note to self: additional "baby-proofing" has just received a complementary upgrade to first-class.)

Keep up the good work, buddy. We'll have our third small ambulatory man in no time.

Lord help us.

Have a good weekend,

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