Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toothpaste Afficionado

Hello there!

So, Bab-E Brother had his two lower front teeth erupt a while back, and has been enjoying excessive drooling, chewing on everything, and generalized ouchiness all the fun that comes along with teething.

And, of course, having teeth means needing to brush teeth.

(On an semi-related note, it's amazing how much time it takes some mornings to brush the teeth of 3 small boys)

It took Mom-E and I a few weeks, but we've figured out that Bab-E Brother is a toothpaste afficionado.

We initially tried just brushing him (his teeth, that is, not the baby) with water, but you're more likely to see Palin vote for Obama than for Bab-E Brother to open his mouth voluntarily, without screaming.

Then, Mom-E found out that the "magic trick" to successful tooth brushing for him is to add a little trainer toothpaste. And voila...a willing participant. And a budding connoisseur.

That is, I recently found out that the brand of toothpaste apparently matters. I tried some Thomas the Train(er) toothpaste, and my hand was almost bit off slurped on, he closed his mouth so fast.

So, I guess he's a Colgate kid. For now.

But least we know how to get access to his teeth for brushing. That's gotta save me a few minutes...somehow. So long as I can find the right toothpaste. Colgate. Red tube only. Made in 2010. 400 Oak St. Cincinnati, Ohio. While listening to 97X

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. I like your Rainman reference! Cute! :)

  2. Little cousin is exactly the same way! We can't brush without training toothpaste!! Glad you found your ticket to teeth-brushing! love, aunt-e