Friday, April 1, 2011

I Ate Myself

Being away from home, even if only for a night, is hard on Mom-E's, Dad-E's, and Brothers alike.

Recently, I was away from home for a night due to work.

I was talking to Mom-E on the phone. Or should I say attempting to talk to Mom-E over the perpetual screaming--sometimes polyphonous, and sometimes a series of consecutive solos--by my "Three Tenors".

(I knew that a text from Mom-E that consisted of "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" was a HINT that things were a little wild down at ye olde homestead.)

I tried to help in the only way I could at that point: to talk to the boys individually and hear out their frustrations.

(Big Brother was angry that candy was not one of the main entrees at dinner. Little Brother was screaming because he'd gotten himself stuck while hiding in the pantry, and scraped his ear while trying to get out of the aforementioned 'can opener'.

You know, the usual stuff that happens around the house.)

Big Brother was willing to chat, and venting appeared to help him calm down.

Little Brother finally stopped screaming long enough to eat something, which helped him calm down.

Bab-E Brother had joined the group after his own screaming fit nap, and was also happily munching away.

I had just enjoyed a moment of actual, intelligible conversation with Mom-E, when suddenly Little Brother screamed and cried at the top of his lungs:

"I ATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(Apparently, his teeth mistook his tongue for waffle and took a bite.)

Mom-E came to his rescue, although both of us had to restrain ourselves from bursting out laughing and risking mild urinary incontinence.

Poor guy. No blood, though. And within moments he was back to waffle munching.

Nothing like a little comic scream relief, amidst the chaos.

Sometime, all you can do is sit back and laugh.

Have a good weekend,
Don't eat yourself,


  1. Laughter. I don't know where parents would be without it.

  2. yeah, I really enjoyed this post. It really captures what those phone calls home are like. And the way kids put things! I ate myself! That's great. Have a good week!