Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day.

There are certainly a lot of "milestones" in fatherhood that bring a dad great joy and pride--birth, first word, first steps, and on down the line.

Lately, I've been awed to see Big Brother starting to find and develop his passion.


Sure, kids love to color, but Big Brother is getting really interested in learning how to draw.

It started when he was perusing a Batman website from the Kids WB.

There are some "Learn to Draw" activities, but what really got him excited was some video clips of executive producers showing you how they draw Batman and other characters.

He made me draw Batman (and the other characters), so that he'd have a "template" to work from. (I'm not an artist, but I do fairly well copying sketches.)

Our house is now littered with paper.

Give him a spare moment, and Big Brother is drawing Batman. Or Red Tornado. Or Black Manta. All. Day. Long. Over. And. Over. (Fortunately he's still willing to go outside for things like the pool or t-ball.)

It's really cool to watch him in this endeavor. Especially at age 5 (and still closer to 5 than 6), and because it's what he wants to do. The lessons about practice and commitment are invaluable, whether he becomes an animator, an architect, an engineer, or something else.

And we know he doesn't have ADHD, because he can focus on this for a LONG time.

So without his permission :), I wanted to share some of his drawings. (We've come a ways since the original stick figure logo for my blog.)

(Batman drawn with a Bic round stick pen. He can now reproduce this figure from memory.)

(I've inquired several times about Batman's purple mask, but Big brother insists this is correct.)

So Mom-E and I are going to (gently) push in this direction. We've signed him up for a one time drawing class at a local store. Probably some charcoal pencils for Christmas (under VERY CLOSE supervision--more in case Little Brother snags one and tries to decorate the carpet). Maybe some art lessons if he continues to show interest.

Just as long as he's having fun.

Have a good week,
Keep drawing, you talented guy,


  1. That's awesome! I'm excited to have another art enthusiest in the family. :)


    CY Aunt-E

  2. THat is so awesome! It is so cool to see Big Brother's interests grow in certain areas! I'll look forward to hearing more about this and seeing lots of pictures! love aunt-e

  3. That is excellent for such a young fellow. It appears he is more into the Adam West Batman than the Christian Bale version fromt he color scheme.

  4. Glad he's found something he truly enjoys and that you are encouraging his efforts! And that Batman is great!

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  6. Holy artistic talent, Batman!! Glad to see that Big Brother has inherited a talent for drawing both from Dad-E and from Mom-E's side of the family. He has some relatives who would enjoy seeing his impressive artwork. Keep it up Big Brother!!