Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quotent Quotables

Hi There,

Just a few quotes for you from this past weekend. Two apiece from Bab-E Brother and Little Brother.

Bab-E Brother
1. "No." We have a budding 2 year-old. He's been saying "No", but it's clear that this weekend he fell in love with the word, saying it no less than 97,000 times.

2. "Buy." We were out shopping, and Bab-E Brother grabbed a huge thing of Play-Doh, brought it over to me and said, "Buy." "Buy that." Oh my, already a consumer. It's my punishment for repeating telling his older brothers "No, we're not going to BUY THAT."

Little Brother
1. He was going potty when he randomly asks me, "Dad-E, what would happen if my pee-pee went flying out the window?" (Gosh, would I love - and be scared - to know the other thoughts that must run through his head.) My first thought was "Criminal charges against Dad-E", but opted for, "That'd be a big, yucky mess."

2. Little Brother is getting ready to start a couple days a week of pre-K. Mom-E recently took him to an open house. Big Brother informed him, "You know, when you go back to school, Mom-E won't be with you."

Without hesitation he replied, "I'm so happy about that." To which Mom-E wonders "Does he hate me" versus "We have a child with good self-confidence."

Have a good week,
What are your kids saying?

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