Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes, No, or Cry

Lately, we’ve been enjoying Bab-E Brother’s ever-expanding verbalizations.

Not long ago, he said his name for the first time, and we were excited to catch it on video about the third time he said it.

We’re also working on naming body parts. He is not the least interested in ‘nose’.

Let’s not forget repeating things uttered by his older brothers.

This includes things like “Bumble” (short for the Transformer Bumblebee) and “Battle”.

And, of course, like any good toddler, his other favorite word, “No.”

And when it comes to Bab-E Brother, the word “No” can have any one of several meanings.

This includes “No”, of course.

But also “Yes.” Despite the fact that he sometimes says “Yes.”

And occasionally, “No” can mean a screaming fit of crocodile tears (as was the case when I recently returned from a work trip. I brought the boys each small (non-edible) souvenir. And when Bab-E Brother started to try to eat his, I blurted out an anxious “No”, which triggered the above-mentioned river of tears. Hopefully no permanent damage.

So Mom-E and I are left to interpret the various meanings of “No.”

Easy task, no?

Have a good week,


  1. I love this age..when they are learning several new words a day and the vocabulary is just exploding.

  2. I agree with Gramm-E...that is so much fun watch and hear them learn!! love, aunt-e