Thursday, August 18, 2011

Words for YouTube

Happy Fatherhood Friday Everyone!

For a little while now, Big Brother has been asking to make his own YouTube video.

Most of the time, he wants to make a video where he explains how to transform some of his Transformers.

(He saw a video or two to this effect.)

But we've been restrictive with him looking at YouTube, because even some videos of transforming Transformers have inappropriate language.

As we explained, "Sometimes the videos use bad words."

So the other day, Big Brother and I were building Bey Blades out of legos. (I get frequent requests to make all kinds of toys out of legos, which should earn me an honorary Master's degree in Legos).

After some finagling, we were actually able to make some Bey Blades that spin for awhile.

I blurted out to Big Brother, "That's so cool. We should make a YouTube video with our lego Bey Blades."

"ARE WE GONNA SAY BAD WORDS?" he asked, with a genuine look of concern.


I'll admit that my initial thought was "@#$% no!", but I opted for the G-rated "Of course not, silly!", lest I defeat my own purpose.

It's always good to know that sometimes he's actually listening to me.

Have a good weekend,

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