Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Even Superheroes Go Potty

On some level it's always bothered me that superheroes never seem to have to go to the bathroom.

I mean, I'm sure they do go potty, but wouldn't it be more realistic if the Bat Symbol went off while the Dark Knight was in the throne room.

Or if Superman was about to fight a bad guy, when suddenly he says "Hold that thought for a minute. I gotta go pee."

Well, here at Busy-Dad-E, we've gained some interesting insights into the potty habits of Superheroes.

After all, you may remember that the Boy Wonder himself, Robin, lives at our house.

And Robin prefers to sleep IN his costume, just in case there's an emergency.

In most cases, the emergency is waking up in the middle of the night, and having to pee.

The main problem is that Big Brother Mr. Freeze pulled Robin's cape off so many times, that Mom-E Alfred resorted to pinning it in place with a safety pin.

This works great for keeping the cape on, but not so well when you need to take a costume off to pee urgently, which requires extensive un-pinning and de-velcro-ing.

Doors popping open and the tearful screams and dance of "I gotta go potty" are common heard from Robin's hallway.

When help arrives, there is usually another tearful request for, "Can I put my costume back on when I'm done?"

"Yes, if it helps you fall back asleep. Absolutely."

But whatever you do, don't forget the "max" (aka mask).

Robin HAS to put his max back on (not even beside him) before falling back asleep, lest he wake up the other superheroes in the household.

You know, as I'm writing this, I think I've figured out why superheroes don't go potty. With all of their costumes and gear, it's really quite a bit of work.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. LOL! That is funny. Thanks for sharing. Rosi

  2. I also think it is just too much undoing for super heros to have to go potty. I'm sure that's it. Maybe Little Brother needs a two piece costume. I guess that might not be authentic enough though.