Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back To Beginnings

Hello There,

I hope you had a "Super" weekend.

This past weekend, the entire Busy-Dad-E family went to Little Cousin's 3rd birthday party.

Turns out that the party was held at the very same playground that was the inspiration for my very first blog post ever.

Man did that bring back some rather unpleasant memories.

I enjoyed thinking about how some things have changed.

Turns out they actually DO have a bathroom at the park. I was at a "new" stage of fatherhood with two boys when we last went to that park 3 years ago, and apparently too dumb tired to figure out the location of the loo.

And other things have not changed.

Despite the awareness of the location of the bathroom, we still peed in the bushes (being on the other side of the park right when urgency hit). Twice.

I longed to go back to easier times.

3 years ago, Little Brother was tiny enough that I could carry him around in the Baby Bjorn. Bab-E Brother is such a daredevil, he would be so much easier to contain if we could carry him around in a little backpack.

Although we did have an easier time this go around.

Despite Bab-E Brother's failed attempts to knock his teeth out, no blood was shed.

And there was plenty of post-party entertainment.

This time, instead of a bathtub filled with blood and poop, we had 3 boys eating Happy Meals on the ground outside of a Chinese restaurant. And then while Mom-E and Dad-E attempted to eat ate, the boys put on a "show" for Gramm-E and Grampap, who were treated to the Bab-E Brother "wiggle and squiggle dance in Dad-E's arms" while Little Brother did a magic trick where you drop your chopsticks on the floor and then stick them in Mom-E's water.

So much has changed, and yet nothing has changed.

Happy birthday, Little Cousin! We had a great time. And Aunt-E's chocolate cupcakes were to die for.

Have a good week,

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  1. Memories....yes so much has changed since then. We were so happy to have you all at the party and Little Cousin was thrilled to see his cousins and other friends and family! So glad you guys liked the cupcakes too!!! Love, aunt-e