Thursday, February 2, 2012

Security Towel

At the end of a long, hard day, Bab-E Brother takes his bath, brushes his teeth (or at least attempts to), curls up with Mom-E or I to read 85 stories (or 1 story 85 times), and then snuggles up with his favorite...

...(kinda) wet bath towel?!?

Yep, to each his own.

Many children might prefer a stuffed animal, or a blankie, or a burp towel (Bab-E Brother prefers to hold about 5 simultaneously)...

But not Bab-E Brother these days.

Lately, he's been inseparable from his bath towel.

From the moment he gets of the tub, he holds onto that towel for dear life.

Any drops of the towel or attempts to take it away results in loud screams of "My towel! My towel!"

And so Mom-E and I have attempted to stay dry despite adjust to his new "wubby".

We can't help but smile and giggle seeing him all cozied up in his crib with a balled up towel that's almost as big as him.

At least the towel is pretty much dry when he wakes up.

Have a good weekend,


  1. Laughing out loud...hahaheehee. See all of you tomorrow.

  2. That little guy is such a cutie! I love him! love, aunt-e