Friday, July 20, 2012

I Like Big T-Shirts

And I cannot lie.

No Bab-E Brother can deny.

Oh, wait.  Better stop there, lest I start sounding like Ross and Rachel singing to Emma.

But seriously, apparently Big and Little Brother's newest craze is "Don't wear your own jammie top."

What started with Little Brother wearing one of my shirts to bed has spread to Big Brother.

So now both boys are wearing my old, oversized t-shirts to bed (you know, like the free XXXXL shirts that Delta gives you as a 'thank you' for being stranded overnight.)

But the each child opts for different styles.

You decide your preference.

Little Brother is a "tuck it in" kind of guy.  He literally tucks (okay stuffs would be a more accurate) the t-shirt into his jammie shorts.  And the results are quite striking: rail thin torso, badonkadonk butt (literally no better way to describe it), and rail thin legs.  He looks like he swallowed a tire and it got stuck at his hips.  Either that, or he cushioned his tush by wadding a whole roll of toilet paper into his shorts.

Big Brother is a "don't tuck it in" guy.  He likes the fact that he can pull his head and arms inside the shirt (like a turtle), draw his legs up, and his whole body is inside the shirt.  "Look, I'm in a tent."
(Wow, thanks dude. I promise I'm not that big.)  He does NOT like the fact that when he stands up, we tell him that it looks like he's wearing a dress.

Either way, my t-shirts for sleeping in seem to be in short supply.

But, nonetheless, their desire to "be like Dad-E" warms my (normal-sized) heart.

Have a good weekend,

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