Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sodor Drug Bust?

We've long been Thomas the Tank Engine fans.

At some point, each of our boys has been completely obsessed with Thomas (currently Bab-E Brother), and they all still like to play with the toys.  We've spent countless hours of fun building tracks.  We've even travelled to see Thomas in person.

Recently, we bought Bab-E Brother some new Thomas books.  Actually, it's fair to say we bought Mom-E, Dad-E, and Bab-E Brother new Thomas books, because every now and again, after reading the same story 97,000 times, we enjoy something "new."

One of them was the above book about Diesel 10.

Now don't get me wrong, Thomas is pretty wholesome, with many life lessons, but a few things strike me as a little weird about this book.

For starters, one of the main characters is a conductor who travels from place to place in a "shower of gold dust."  "Shower of gold dust?"

Huh.  I wonder what "gold dust" is?  Mr. Conductor looks like maybe he shouldn't be operating a train in his present condition.

And then he loses his "sparkle", and becomes unilaterally focused on getting more "gold dust".

Sounds to me like somebody is jonesing for some "gold dust."

So if you're missing "gold dust", of course you must puff your way to the "Magic Railroad" to find Lady, the source of all the "gold dust".

Really, Thomas, really?  Magic Railroad with the source of the "gold dust."  Look at Lady's dilated pupils.  I'm worried that this "gold dust" is either heroin or PCP, and Lady is running a big time illegal operation.

Either way, perhaps it's time for a tip to the narcotics division of the Island of Sodor police.

(If they even have police on the Island?  Come to think of it, not sure if I've ever seen them in any of the episodes.)

Or maybe I'm just reading too much in to this.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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