Friday, July 13, 2012

Wanna Be Big Boys

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

So, Little Brother and Bab-E Brother have really been bit by the "big boy bug" this week.

Bab-E Brother has started spontaneously talking about wanting to wear big boy underwear.

Wanting to attempt to capitalize on his interest (and NOT AT ALL swayed by the dream possibility of not having any children in diapers for the first time in 7.5 years), Mom-E got him some Thomas underwear, and the frog potty pictured below.

He promised Mom-E that he would sit on the potty (fully clothed, of course), but to my knowledge he has not.

And last night he told Mom-E that he wanted to wear Thomas underwear to bed (OVER his diaper, of course).

But hey, interest is interest, so we'll work with it.  (However, I definitely see a "throw the diapers away" full onslaught potty training weekend in his future.  See previous posts on potty training.)

Random aside - something funny I want to capture by writing it down - is that Bab-E Brother has a new habit of how he refers to himself.  He won't refer to himself in the first person, "I do that", and not even the Bob Dole style third person singular, "Bab-E Brother does that".

Instead, he's opted for third person plural.  So, "Sometimes THEY fall" really means "Sometimes I fall."  Too cute.

Little Brother also has the big boy bug.

He's recently discovered that some of Big Brother's jammies fit him, even if a little baggy.

And taking everything to excess, for several days he pretty much would only poach wear Big Brother's jammies that he poached.  Such that Big Brother became a little distraught when he noticed, "Hey, those are the Iron Man jammies I wanted to wear."

So, getting some resistance there, Little Brother did the next most logical thing.

He started taking MY jammy shirts.

The hilarious part is that he INSISTS on TUCKING THEM IN to his jammy shorts.

As you can imagine, my short sleeve t-shirts are pretty much long-sleeve t-shirts for him.

And the shirts are so long that when he tucks them in, it looks like he's been wearing a diaper for about 36 hours straight.  (Not that he wears diapers, or we've ever left a diaper on that long, but you catch my drift.)

If this keeps up, no doubt I'm going to walk into my room to find the floor completely littered with t-shirts that he has strewn while searching for just the right one.

Have a good weekend,

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