Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cat Wars

Episode IV: A New Fear (Uncool Cats

Episode V: The Gatos Strike Back

It is a dark time for the Busy-Dad-E family.  Although Little Brother sleeps through most of the night, the Gatos have continued to plague the realms of Little Brother's subconscious, and pursued his dreams if he sleeps in his own bed.

Evading dreaded nightmares of the Gatos, Little Brother, led by his blankie, has established a new secret sleeping location in the remote ice world of Mom-E and Dad-E's bed (and sometimes only if Mom-E and Dad-E hold him until he falls asleep - visibly trembling for our comfort - kinda like the guts of that dead Ton-Ton...but I digress).

The evil Gatos, obsessed with finding young Little Brother, have dispatched thousands of little Gatos into the far reaches of Little Brother's neurons...

Our scene begins with Little Brother awakening at 5:45 am, screaming bloody murder, as he discovers that the Gatos have captured him from the remote ice world of Mom-E and Dad-E's bed, and transported him back to his own bed, where he is "all alone" (except for his Big Brother in the bed next to him, Mom-E and Dad-E in the remote ice world right down the hall, and Bab-E Brother in the room next door).

Our scene ends with the fact that it's 5:45 am, and it's time for everyone to go back to bed...even if only for 15 more minutes before the alarm goes off.

Have a good (Gato-free) week,

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