Friday, September 14, 2012

Uncool Cats

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Lots of young kids have fears about things like monsters, or ghosts, or the dark.

But lately Little Brother has been afraid of something else ... cats.

Yes, cats.

We don't have a cat.

And he's not afraid of seeing cats outside, or going somewhere with cats.

No, he's actually been afraid about having a dream about cats.

Apparently he had some kind of nightmare about cats recently.  I don't know if they were talking about cats in pre-K, or what else might've brought this up.

But he's been very afraid to sleep alone.  (Which he never does, because Big Brother's bed is in the same room next to his.)

He insists that I sleep with him in his bed.

And I "indulge" in that I'll stay in their room for a few minutes until they fall asleep, but as soon as they're out I'm off to help Mom-E with dishes, laundry, lunch-packing, or picking up the (seemingly) 8 tons of toys littering the playroom.

And in general, Little Brother makes it through most, if not all, of the night in his own bed.

But man, if he wakes up to find me not there, does he go into a screaming tirade that darn near wakes up the whole house.

(Okay, it just wakes me up.  Everyone else is still passed out, fortunately.  And I usually let him join us in our bed for the last hour or two.)

He keeps asking me why I don't stay with him, and I reply with the usual, "I don't fit in your bed...I might roll over and squish you...etc."

Maybe I should suggest that if he wears his Power Ranger costume to bed, he'd be able to ninja fight any cats that might enter his subconscious.

After all, he has said before that he ninja fights chickens.  Why not cats, too?

Have a good weekend,

Stay cool (cat),
I'll be sleeping in my room,

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