Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Conversations with a 2 Year-Old

Talking with a 2 (closer to 3) year-old is just fascinating.  I love the sheer curiosity about everything, the funny phrasing, and the perseveration.

Just a few of the random conversations/comments from Bab-E Brother lately.  And to make it funnier (and more realistic), you have to say Bab-E Brother's parts REALLY LOUD (just 1 notch below screaming) - he has "voice immodulation, loud type", meaning his voice is stuck at this one volume most of the time.

- He loves to ask where EVERYTHING comes from.  TV's, dresser drawers, Dad-E, blinds, you name it.  Now couple that with the fact that, 75% of the time, when he uses the word "They", he really means "I", and you get the following.

"Dad-E, where does Target come from?"

"Oh, they built the store..."

"No THEY didn't!"

"Yes, technically you're correct.  You didn't build the Target store."

- Big Brother and Little Brother were having a debate about fast-food chicken nuggets, and whether they're good for you.  Big Brother was trying to explain that the chicken itself was okay, but that the "fried" part was unhealthy.  Little Brother didn't like this explanation and was arguing.

Suddenly, Bab-E Brother blurts out, "Your Mom-E says that McDonald's chicken nuggets are BAD FOR YOU!"  (Well, at least we know despite his loud voice, that his ears do indeed still function.)

- He was looking at an image of Jesus, and after a moment deep in thought, proclaims, "Jesus is too big to wear jammies."

Never a dull moment around here.  Never a dull moment.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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  1. Kids crack me up when they talk. I only have one 3-year-old son and according to him everything is all about "me, myself and I" (meaning him) I know longer own anything (including my razor) but he graciously loans me things so I can test them out.